Welcome to the 3rd Edition of Channel Speak!

Last year was….. a year full of uncertainty and changes. Both in the way we worked and the way we lived!


IT spend grew by 0.9% as per Gartner in 2020, a major dip compared to 2019. This was expected as organizations across the world had to relook at their strategies and identify if their industries, products, services and markets were still relevant. They had to identify and adopt technologies that would enable them to circumvent these uncertain times.

Learn what 103 large and small channel partners have to say

The year also brought some major challenges to the channel eco-system with regards to their ability to reach markets, identify the right solutions for their customers and survive the economic impact of the pandemic. This is also reflected in the 3rd Edition of Enabler ONE’s Channel Speak, the MENA region’s ONLY vendor & technology agnostic channel eco-system survey.


Gartner’s 2021 forecast is for major jump in IT spending to 9%, especially across technologies that would support remote or hybrid working! The channel eco-system is also circumventing their challenges with various approaches.

Some of the insights received by the eco-system in the 2020-21 survey:

0 %
of the respondents cited “Ability to reach customers” as a major challenge
0 %+
of the respondents enhanced their Offerings portfolio
0 %
of the respondents outsourced their skills requirement

Check out the 2020-21 Channel Speak Report to understand what the MENA region’s channel eco-system is conveying about their eco-system, customer procurement patterns, their challenges and of course, their insights into technology sales.

About the 2020-21 Channel Speak Report:

With a 21% jump in the number of respondents (from last year), the 3rd edition of Channel Speak captured insights from 103 large and medium sized channel partners in the region. The high growth in the sample size enabled us to analyze the results in a more astute way. Higher sample size also covers a wider geography in the MENA region which gives us much better understanding of the market and captures much deeper insights of the market. Also, we have been able to analyze of the critical data with over a 3-year trend horizon.

Major changes in the 2020-21 Channel Speak survey & report include:

About Channel Speak:

Channel Speak, an Enabler ONE initiative, is the MENA Region’s ONLY vendor & technology agnostic channel eco-system sentiment insight report.

Throughout the survey period, the partners are encouraged to share their opinion openly and freely as the results are anonymized and consolidated to be presented at the market level. The idea is to get a view of the market. It is also our aim to voice the opinions of the Channel ecosystem regarding their challenges, pain points and their specific expectations from the Vendor & Distributor community.
The purpose is to highlight the Channel trends & expectations, and we protect the privacy of the respondents – giving them the freedom to openly express their views and feedback – leading to transparency. We believe that transparency would lead to Innovation in the Channel Configuration by the Market Leaders to keep their competitive advantage.
These insights help them in not just building a positive engagement with their channel ecosystem, but also strategize the best way to formulate or enhance their Go-to-Market (GTM) or Route-to-Market (RTM) strategies.

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