Terms & Conditions:

These terms and conditions contain important information about your participation in the industry council, surveys conducted by or provision of data to Enabler ONE DWC-LLC (E1) or the Channel Speak Industry Council (CSIC). You should read these terms and conditions carefully before answering any questions or submitting details in any form or participating in any program. Your access to this network program and submission of any data in any form will be governed by these terms.

CSIC Overview:

  1. Member organization/delegate (Member) understands that CSIC is a private, invite-only, paid-for, not-for-profit council and as such is not a public or government owned/managed initiative.

  2. Member understands and agrees that the goal for CSIC is to better the technology channel eco-system (in a technology & vendor agnostic manner) and isn’t a forum to promote member organizations, its delegates or products/services

  3. Member understands and agrees that CSIC’s is a not-for-profit initiative by E1 and as such any revenues earned by way of sales of industry reports, trainings, sponsorships, etc would be utilized for CSIC operations, expenses incurred for any initiatives, etc only and shall not be paid back as dividends to members